Friday, November 27, 2009

Step 2 Lifestyle Kitchen,, Karie Herring

The Fish family from: The Five Fish blog is giving away an awesome Step 2 Lifestyle Kitchen.Um, I need this! My daughter is going to be one this coming January and since Momma can't find a job out here in Desert Town, winning a kitchen for her would be a dream! She is so inquisitive and just into everything, I think her imagination is going to be SO BIG. When she gets older, I'm sure she is going to play pretend chef and other awesome things with this kitchen. Momma can sit with her in her play area and make pretend food: we can bake and cook. Ohh it'll be so much fun. I love to cook in real life, too- so teaching C how to use her fake kitchen can prepare her for the real thing. Lastly, since we can't really afford one, winning one would be the best gift that I can give to my little girl- well, besides love, that is. Find out more and sign up for yourself for this giveaway here.

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