Friday, November 27, 2009

Fairy Gram

What's funny is, I contacted Fairy Gram to do a review of their product and I never heard back, now here I am trying to win one. Yup, they are THAT cute. C is a natural-born princess, she already thinks the world revolves around her and we are here to wait on her hand-and-foot... well, she's kinda right. It's only appropriate that she gets an oh-so-cute fairy gram to go along with her personality. The wings, the cute darn tutu and the wand- seriously? SERIOUSLY? This was made for my child. If I had any type of creative abilities whatsoever, I'd make her her own darn fairy gram. Alas, I don't. so I have to win one. I'd pick the lemon color. Yellow looks super cute on C. Really, any color looks cute on C, but I'd love to get her the lemon. She can play dress up here in the house. It's all about C, after all. I hope she wins. Err... I hope I win. You can enter to win too at the Penny-Pinching Mama. See here for more information.

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