Friday, November 27, 2009

Select Comfort-Sleep Number p5 Bed

Do I really need to say why I NEED to win this thing? This is actually a gift to my husband and myself, not for our child or someone else. Hubby and I drool over Sleep Number Beds. Sometimes we go into the Sleep Number stores and check out if there's a sale going on and talk to the associates about pricing and financing options, only to leave empty handed. We have ordered the information DVD and gotten the $50 off coupon (as if $50 is going to do anyone any good)... yeah, we need this bed. I hurt my back cheerleading in college and Hubby hurt his back before we met, so getting a good night's rest is almost impossible. We spent a LOT of money on this "awesome" pillow top bed which is now falling apart. The pillow top is no more. It hasn't even been 3 years I don't think. Sigh... I hope the sleep number gods hear me on this one. What's that? You wanna win this too? No worries, I'm not a hater- go ahead, all of the best to you. Visit Lizzy Dear's blog here. You can have a second chance to win by entering at Our Ordinary Life here. Wanna check out all of Select Comfort's beds? See here. Good Luck!

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