Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glasses USA Giveaway

Jamerican Spice is giving one reader a pair of glasses from Glasses USA. I NEED this so bad. I need a new pair of glasses, but it's always so expensive. The eye exam is usually $60 + then the glasses plus the lens. Ugh. Why is this stuff so pricey? Times are hard, don't they know that?!?! I found these SUPER CUTE glasses that I would get if I won. They are called the first lady glasses:
Cute, huh? What I found while browsing Glasses USA is that most of their glasses are super affordable and include the price of the lens. So, even if I don't win, I'll probably end up ordering a pair from them anyway. Now if only I could find time to go and get my eyes checked...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sealy Posturpedic

I've talked before about Hubby & me and the fact that we need a new bed. Not want. Need. We bought a bed for a few hundred bucks. Pillow top and all that good stuff. Well the pillow top is more like a sidewalk (lost all of its fluff) and our backs hurt big time. Mommy Mandy is giving away a new Sealy Posturpedic to one of her readers and YOU get to choose what size. HELLO this contest has my name all. over. it. Seriously. We need a King for one because our daughter has taken over our bed and God knows when we are going to get it back and we need a FIRM mattress for both of us who have bad backs. I hope I win. You can enter too, follow the link above.