Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Nook Giveaway

Over at Susan Heim's blog, she is giving away a Nook. This is the third Nook giveaway I'm entering. But... you can't win if you don't play, right?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nook from MomStart

This is sooo late. I'm not sure why I hadn't noticed earlier that MomStart was offering 5 entries if you blogged about the Nook.

This giveaway ends tonight in about half hour, but MomStart Mom said she may not pull until Satruday- holy suspension. This is all I have been tweeting about for the past few days and my third Nook giveaway I'm entering- clearly I lost the other two. I need. this. Nook.

Giveaway is here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nook from The Greer 5

I want an eReader. Like, super bad. (I know that's not proper English, but it's true) I thought of the Kindle at first, but they are so big and long and what's with all of the buttons on the front? I don't really like the design, so decided that it was NOT for me. I did see the Nook at the end of last year and was immediately intrigued. Now, I'm entered for a chance to win one!! You can enter too, the giveaway ends on the 22nd. So go- now!

Don't know what the nook is? Well, then you better ask somebody or go find out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Merrell Hiking Boots

Hubby and I love to hike and though we are not huge fans of living in California, one thing we do love is the opportunity to get outdoors. One thing we LACK is good hiking shoes and now that it is starting to warm up, the itch is definitely there to get out and do some hiking with our little girl. Canadian Natural Mama is giving away a pair of hiking boots from Merrell- a name that I know and trust. I would love to win these cause then we'd only have to buy hiking boots for Hubby.

Go here to enter.

Kissaluvs Diaper Giveaway

Over at The B Keeps Us Honest, there is a chance for me to win a Kissaluvs diaper. Now, I only have about six cloth diapers, so I am entering as many giveaways as I can to win one. I have never tried Kissaluvs and none of my cloth diapering Mommy friends use it, so I definitely plan to write about it's efficiency if I win.

You can enter too. Go here and good luck.

Softbums Giveaway

Another chance has come up for me to win Softbums, this time, the owner is doing an awesome giveaway with two winners- if I win either one it would be awesome. We all know that I am new to cloth diapering and trying out different brands and fabrics, trying to figure out which is right for me and baby girl.

First prize is a six-pack (no, not of beer!)
While second prize is a SoftBums basic pack:

I haven't tried SoftBums diapers yet, so this would be a pretty sweet win for me! Here's hopin. You can go here to enter or here to check out the SoftBums website.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Envibum Diaper Giveaway

Pretty, huh? Over at The Cloth Diaper Report, they just posted a review of Envibum diapers. Not only are they cute, but depending on what color you choose to buy, this company gives a portion of the proceeds to charity. You know I'm all about giving- so I have to respect that! Their diapers are just so unique, with features that I have not seen in other cloth diapers- including their cool absorbency channels. I'd love to win this one, this seems like a must have diaper and a must support company. Here's hopin'!

VTech DS6321-3 Cordless Phone Giveaway

We have a throwback cordless phone in this house. The static is so bad on that thing- you need to be sitting right next to the base in order to speak on the phone so people can hear you. And even then the static is unbearable. This would be such a great gift to have! Over at the Not-So Blog, the chance has been given for me to actually win one of these:

How sweet would that be? VTech has a plethora of awesome phones, though, not just this one. Check out all of their phones here and go over to the not-so blog to enter for yourself!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coach Sunglasses Giveaway

Couture Nerd is giving away Coach sunglasses. Funny cause I was just talking about wanting to own a pair of Coach sunglasses to my friend Erin last weekend, so this my friends is fate. I need to win these glasses- it would pretty much make my life complete. You can enter this giveaway here.