Monday, September 27, 2010

Emma Boots

Tic Tac Doug is giving away a pair of BEARPAW Emma boots. Um... yay? I won a pair of BEARPAW sandals once which I love- so comfy. Now these Emma boots? Will be GREAT with winter coming! I wanna win these bad. They've got new colors and then a print pattern coming soon... You can enter to win too. Click here.

One Savvy Giveaway

I don't know how... but the kindle gods have visted the One Savvy Mom blog and she's giving one away. An eReader is ALL I've ever wanted in my entire life. That's it. And I want to win this one. Unfortunately, she always has millions and millions of entries... okay, I'm exaggerating... a little. But, you can't win if you don't play, so. I'm entering and you can too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toshiba Portege

We. Need. A New. Laptop. This HP we have is crap. It's been serviced twice in the past 4 years, more recently it was serviced about 3 months ago and it's still freezing, shutting itself down and doing other crazy things. It's really hard to work on it. The webcam doesn't work- only for Skype and no other time- the softwar for it magically disappeared and the CD/DVD Drive? I think it's only there for decoration. I also loved the fact that I bought an extended warranty and had to fight with HP to honor it. Awesome... really classy HP.

The Recessionista is giving away a Toshiba Portege with Windows 7... yes, please. Count me in! I really, really need to win this since I'm unemployed and can't afford to buy a new one on my own. (So cool that our country thinks laying off teachers is fun).

Monday, July 5, 2010

CSN Stores Gift Card

Tiaras & Tantrums is giving readers a chance to win an $80 CSN Stores gift card. I'd love to win this because I would definitely put it towards getting our daughter a new dresser. Hers is falling apart and we are currently holding it up using a stack of books. I know, ghetto. I want to get her the one pictured above. I love that it's a hutch/changing table/dresser- multi-purpose. Click here for your chance to enter.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

BabyKicks Hemp Diapers

I love these diapers right away because they are hemp. Hemp is a natural anti-microbial- this means that your baby is protected from mold, mildew and fungus. Yay! Being a germaphobe even thinking that these types of things may come in contact with me or my child's skin is unfathomable. SO, I am entering to win a BabyKicks diaper at Home Grown Families and you can too! Click here.

Bum Essentials

Home Grown Families is giving readers a chance to win a Bum Essentials diaper during their Cover The Booty event. Not only are my husband and I trying to conceive, but we are also trying to build up a cloth diaper stash so that baby number two can be as eco-friendly as possible. Winning this would really help. Click here to enter for yourself!

Diaper Sprayer

Guys, I really need a diaper sprayer. You know I'm new to cloth diapering and the whole "getting poop out of the diaper" thing is really giving me a run for my money.

Home Grown Families is giving away a diaper sprayer- it ends today, so I probably won't win, but give other people a better chance to win. Trying anyway. Enter here if you'd like.