Friday, May 21, 2010

Earth Angels DIaper Co

I mentioned trying to stock up on Cloth Diapers for the baby we hope to have in the future. Earth Angels Diaper Co. has all that you need from cloth diapers to cloth wipes to wipes solution to bottom spray. Mama B is having a giveaway to Earth Angels Diaper co. and this is definitely one I would like to win. Click here to head over and check this giveaway out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Heiny

I want my daughter to have a Happy Heiny! Hubby and I are seriously considering another baby, but that would mean tightening our budget and the only way to do that is with cloth diapers. We spend SO much on diapers right now because of how much our daughter poops. I really want to win this one to build myself up a "stash." Mommy & Me giveaways is giving one away.

Step 2 Picnic Table Giveaway

I. Want. This. My daughter and her friends who come over for playdates will actually have someplace to sit outside. Right now there are only seats for grown ups. With this, there will be seats for the children. AND they can eat their snacks at this table outside. The kids are happy outside- less miserable. Oh, dear God. I need this. Mommy Goggles is giving one away. I hope I win.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rocky Mountain Cloth Diaper Giveaway at Mama B

Hubby and I are talking about having another baby. BUT funds are low around here since I suck at being able to find a job. My plan is to try and acquire as many cloth diapers as possible, either through purchase or winning contests- then maybe I won't have to buy any diapers for the little one to possibly come. Mama B is giving away a Rocky Mountain Cloth Diaper that I'd love to win. Click here to see the giveaway!